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The 2020 Munson (Virtual) Family Reunion Page

I’m putting this page together in my free time. If you have any requests or know your way around WordPress/Elementor and would like to help, let me know. Otherwise, please send me anything you want featured here! Messages, photos, videos, etc.

To get stuff to me, you have a few options:

  • For text and pictures, you can email me at davidrmunson@gmail.com, or get me on WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal/Messages at +81-70-2668-5458
  • For anything too big to email, I’ve set up a dropbox folder where you can upload anything you want: https://www.dropbox.com/request/VfNc53qH7vUHVTx1BgjV
  • For video, your best bet is to upload it to YouTube with the privacy set to unlisted. Send me the URL of the video and I can embed it here.

Any other requests/suggestions/whatever, please email or message me. I’ll also be setting up a survey for everyone shortly, and I’m taking suggestions for questions.

Thanks everyone!

David Munson
Saitama, Japan