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Photography is a wonderful, life-enriching pursuit. It’s been making my life better since 1996, and I want it to make your life better, too. After 24 years obsessively making photographs and a decade as an educator, I’m turning that experience into a series of online courses.

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Learning and growing in photography can be alternately wonderfully exciting and deeply frustrating. Part of this comes from how we pursue the practice, but it’s also a matter of finding the right teachers and resources. Find the right people and resources, you’ve got yourself a game-changer.

The world full of all manner of books, magazines, courses, videos, and workshops. The quality of these runs the gamut from awesome to abysmal, and the quality only becomes a factor if you can find them. There are so many, it’s overwhelming.

So why add more content to what seems a fully saturated market? Because I feel strongly that what I’m making will be of sincere value to people in the world. I am making things that will be good, and by putting more good resources out in the world, the bar is raised at least a little, and that’s never a bad thing.

These courses will cover a variety of photographic topics, including but not limited to:

Each of these courses will include: 

  • Everything broken down into sequences of short video lessons, designed to be easy to digest and quick to review
  • Periodic quizzes (where appropriate) to help ensure you’ve learned what you came to learn
  • Assignments and exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned
  • The full text of the course as a downloadable, printable PDF, or in popular ebook formats
  • PDF worksheets/workbook, reference guides, etc.
  • Custom Anki decks to help memorize any key vocabulary or concepts
  • Etc (will vary, depending on the course)

As an educator, I want to make these as engaging and effective as possible, and as someone who has done tons of courses, online and otherwise, I know the frustration of courses that are lacking. That’s why I’m committed to doing these well.

Now then, here’s the hard part of doing this. It’s a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process to do this well. The time and energy I put into making these is time and energy I’m not putting into my day job in the mean time. Times are tight, and I need to watch my bottom line.

Which is why I’m making this special offer. You help me pay rent and keep myself fed during the development process, and I’ll gladly repay you with access to every course I ever make.

Not interested in learning photography yourself? The lifetime access is fully transferrable to a person of your choice. Art for you, education for them. 

Alternatively, if you’re interested in the courses alone, for yourself or as a gift, that’s also an option (link below). 

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