Dozen Editions

Releasing a new open edition print every month, making an ongoing series with 12 new images every year.

May 2020: Dozen Editions № 5

Trains Passing, Hamamatsucho Station

Coming June 1, 2020: Dozen Editions № 6

Moth on Shoji Screen, Yamanashi Prefecture

About Dozen Editions

On the first day of each month, a new open-edition print is released in this series. 8×10” prints of B&W images from my personal archives. The images reflect my explorations and wanderings with the camera. They are special to me personally, and I want to share them with you.

Why choose this format? I like small prints and I have always preferred to print my work in smaller sizes. Smaller prints are more intimate. They don’t dominate a space, but rather punctuate it and invite you to get close. You have to do so to examine their contents, and this changes your experience of and relationship with the work. This is something I value as both an artist and a lover of art.

The images are largely but not exclusively taken in Japan.

A test print to ensure high quality

Dozen Editions are monochrome, printed on Hahnemühle baryta photo gloss paper with archival pigment inks. Orders are filled and shipped by a trusted partner in the United States. Each image is carefully prepared and proofed before release to ensure that my high standards of quality are met, to help ensure your satisfaction with your investment.

All Prints

№ 1: Night Sakura

January 2020

Saitama City, Japan


№ 2: Early-Blooming Ume

February 2020

Nerima, Tokyo, Japan


№ 3: Ramen Shop Study

March 2020

Omiya City, Japan


№ 4: Empty Billboard

April 2020

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan


№ 5: Trains Passing, Hamamatsucho Station

May 2020

Saitama City, Japan



through May 31

№ 6: Moth on Shoji Screen

June 2020

Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

About Pricing and Availability

These are open-edition prints. What this means is that they are not limited in number, which allows me to make investing in original artwork more accessible to a wider range of patrons. 

Prints are priced at a reduced rate for the first month, then revert to the standard price thereafter.

First Month




If you’d like to help decide which image is to be released as the next monthly edition and qualify for a 10% discount, please consider supporting this work through Patreon, where an awesome community of great people support me and help me create new work.