Things for Sale

Various things I’m parting ways with in the interest of simplifying my life. I’ve tried to make descriptions as accurate as possible, if you have any questions, please send me an email. Transactions may be conducted through PayPal, Shopify, or eBay (as you prefer). Cash in person is fine too if you’re in the Tokyo area.

All sales are final. Read descriptions and look at pictures carefully, and contact me if you have any questions.

Shipping is not included. Domestic shipping in Japan is ¥1,000/item, less if you buy more than one thing. You can also come pick up any of these items near Urawa Station (Saitama City) at no cost.

NB: As of mid-July 2020, Japan Post is still not accepting packages bound for many countries due to COVID-related complications. If you live in a part of the world where Japan Post isn’t currently shipping, you can either wait until shipping starts up again or we can use a different shipping method (FedEx, DHL, etc). 

Hasselblad Scissors

For cutting film for Hasselblad cut film holders

Something of a niche collector’s item. Hasselblad scissors, originally meant for cutting pieces of film from a roll of 120 to fit their cut film holders. Good condition


Pilot Long Murex (F nib)

Fountain Pen

The legend! The grail pen of many! Design-wise, this is one of my favorite pens ever made. The design is gorgeous and the balance in the hand is perfect.

However, I never use it, so it’s time to say goodbye.

This example has a fine (F) nib and a serial number H780, which means it was made in the Hiratsuka factory in July of 1980.

The barrel of the pen is generally quite clean with only some light scratches from normal use. The only exceptions on condition are some nicks on the clip and an impression on the back part of the section, which is not visible when the pen is assembled and which has no effect on performance.

The nib itself is perfect and writes very smoothly. Be aware that you will not get any line variation from this nib whatsoever (please don’t try).

No cartridge or converter included, you will need to supply your own.


Fujifilm GS645S

Medium format rangefinder camera

A great camera! Lightweight and compact medium format rangefinder camera with an extremely sharp 60mm f/4 lens. Condition is good overall with some small marks from normal use.

  • Aperture and shutter operation is good
  • Speeds are accurate
  • Meter works (was accurate last time I put batteries in it)
  • No fungus, optics are clean
  • Rangefinder is accurate and properly aligned

Only caveat: the rangefinder mechanism works as it should but is sluggish. This is a common problem with these cameras and is easily repaired.

For the record, the only reason I’m selling this camera is that I’m just not a rangefinder guy and it almost never gets used.


Mamiya 6

Medium format rangefinder camera​

A classic in great condition. I’m 99% sure this is a Mamiya-6 IVB, from around 1955. Overall condition is quite good, with some marks but nothing major.

  • The rangefinder works smoothly and is accurate.
  • Bellows are in good condition
  • Shutter works cleanly (speeds not tested but seem accurate based on use)
  • Includes original hood, cap, and yellow filter (not shown)

These were pretty spectacular cameras for their time, and still fun to use today. The lens is sharp and has a pleasing rendering befitting its age. 


Olympus Stylus Epic (as-is, currently inoperative)

AKA the Olympus Mju-II/μ-ii

For parts or repair only! Currently, the camera will turn on, the lens will come out when the cover is opened, but the shutter will not fire. It has not been dropped or otherwise abused. Honestly not sure what the problem is or how easily it might be fixed. You will need to have it repaired or use it for parts. 


Induro PHD3

Heavy-duty tripod head suitable for long lenses as well as medium/large format cameras (very strong)

Original specs:

  • Multi-Axis Positioning (Patented): four controls provide convenient and rapid five way camera positioning. Single Knob, Dual Front/Rear and Side/Side Tilt Control: simplified independent on-axis settings with left or right hand operation.
  • High-visibility bubble level: provides easy viewing necessary to maintain horizontal camera positioning and alignment. Horizontal pan locking control: independent movement and locking control knob.
  • Base mounted laser engraved graduated scale: see and set the position of your pans. Bi-directional Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release clamp: interchangeable industry standard QR system with orientation indexing.
  • Double safety QR lock with Dual-Action control: assures safer and more secure change of equipment.
  • Balance and nodal point positioning (with optional 3rd party accessories): extends the capabilities to advanced panoramic and stereoscopic photography.

Originally would have sold for about $190. This one is in good condition with some marks but nothing bad (check photos). It’s been sitting for a while, and it’s been ever so slightly stiff evaluating it today, but loosens up quickly and this should disappear quickly with use.

Asking ¥10,000

Trades will be considered

Other things I haven't gotten to yet (email me if interested)