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This is a page summarizing what I'm doing now. Now as in currently. It is updated somewhat regularly with an earnest interest in keeping it fairly up to date and linked to my actual daily life.

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What I'm up to now (in no particular order):


  • Developing a lot of film
  • Scanning new images from that film
  • Slowly populating my print shop with more images (get 30% off your order with code “get30” at checkout)
  • Scouting and shooting for my ongoing project Fade Out
  • Studying salted paper printing, investigating where to get the requisite chemicals in Japan
  • Talking with an artist acquaintance about possibly acting as his representative 


Everything Else:

  • Writing and publishing two posts a week on my 2021 blogging project, Somewhere in Japan (new posts every Tuesday and Friday at noon JST)
  • Also blogging some about my long-term personal project of overcoming depression and building an awesome life and career for myself in Japan. That’s over at A New Life in Japan
  • Writing and building an online course on developing B&W film at home. Currently looking for people to test it. Interested?
  • Doing some writing/planning for the advice site on moving to Japan, called Moving to Japan (coming later this year)
  • Polishing off a mini-site on the power of daily journaling practice: Write Your Mind Empty
  • Making tofu on the weekends
  • Restoring things I find at the flea market such as these scissors
  • And settling in at my new day job, which is located in the opposite direction as Tokyo, so my commute is now super chill

Page last updated 2021-05-21

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