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This is a page summarizing what I'm doing now. Now as in currently. It is updated somewhat regularly with an earnest interest in keeping it at least moderately current and linked to my actual daily life.

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What I'm up to now (in no particular order):

  • Continuing to try to reinvent everything about my life such that a year from now (in autumn 2021) I can buy a cheap house in the countryside and work remotely for the rest of my life. I love the Tokyo area, but no longer wish to live here.
  • [Update: haven’t really done anything with it, not really sure what I’m doing] Starting to build a community around my work via Patreon in the interest of working towards greater creative output and greater financial freedom.
  • Working through the Malcolm Gladwell writing course on Masterclass because I’m a pretty good writer now, but I want to be an excellent writer.
  • Reading a lot, as I always do. Check out my 2020 reading list here.
  • Focusing on business because I’m trying to get married, move from an apartment into a house, visit my family in the USA and generally live my life like I’m here to get something out of it
  • Scrapping dead-end projects, tying up loose ends
  • Going to Japanese classes weekly [cancelled indefinitely due to COVID-19] and trying to use Japanese more in everyday life. My work and social life keep me in an English language bubble, but that needs to change.

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