This is a page summarizing what I’m doing now. Now as in currently. It is updated somewhat regularly with an earnest interest in keeping it current.

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What I’m up to now (in no particular order):

  • Reading a lot, as I always do. Check out my 2020 reading list here.
  • Gearing up to start a podcast or three and a new YouTube channel (links will be provided once live)
    • The Photo Obsessed Podcast
    • Photo Obsessed (YouTube)
    • What’s up with Dave? (Podcast linked to my personal blog and occasional newsletter of the same name)
  • Focusing on business because I’m trying to get married, move from an apartment into a house, visit my family in the USA and generally live my life like I’m here to get something out of it
  • Scrapping dead-end projects, tying up loose ends
  • Totally reevaluating what I’m doing with my life job-wise and changing my approach. As an immigrant, I am limited by a number of legal and practical considerations, so I can’t currently do what I want to do in the way I want to do it.
  • Going to Japanese classes weekly [cancelled for a few months due to COVID-19] and trying to use Japanese more in everyday life. My work and social life keep me in an English language bubble, but that needs to change.
  • Aiming to double my income or better in 2020, because I am tired of achieving far under my earning potential.

Page last updated 2020-03-28

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